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  • Reminder: On 25th Nov, we provide free bus service to Hotel Nikko Kochi, the bus schedule is 


  • Reminder: There will be free shuttle bus from Nikko hotel to KUT on 26th, 7:30am.  For any participants not living at Nikko hotel, if your hotel is in downtown Kochi, and you’d like to travel with this bus service as well, please take a taxi to Hotel Nikko Kochi and meet with the team in front of the hotel by 7.30am.

IDHF 2014 will be held at Kochi University of Technology in Kochi, Japan.  The following links contain useful information for attendees:


Registration is now available.

To register, please visit the IDHF 2014 Registration site.

Please note that at least one author must register for each accepted submission (paper or poster).

Lunch/dinner/coffee break/refreshments on Nov 26 will be freely provided by the conference.


For attendees who arrive at international airports in Japan (Tokyo Haneda airport; Tokyo Narita airport, or Osaka Kansai airport), the possible routes to Kochi include:

Note: We suggest coming to Kochi using flight. It's quicker and more economical.  The airfare  between the flight until Internaional airports (Haneda, Narita, Kansai) and until Kochi Ryoma airport is only around 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen difference.  People who lands in Haneda can take domestic flight to Kochi directly, but other people who lands in Narita or Kansai, they firstly need to move to domestic airport by bus.

--By Air--

□From Haneda Airport:

Haneda airport (Take a flight) → Kochi Ryoma airport

Total time: around 1 hour

□From Narita Airport:

Narita airport (Take a train: NARITA EXPRESS or Take a bus <~90mins>) → Haneda airport (Take a flight<~80mins>) → Kochi Ryoma airport

Total time: around 3-3.5 hours

□From Kansai Airport:

Kansai airport (Take a bus: Airport Limousine <~70mins>) → Itami airport (Take a flight<~45mins>) → Kochi Ryoma airport

Total time: Around 3 hours

--By Train--

■From Narita Airport:

Narita airport (Take a train: NARITA EXPRESS) → Tokyo station (Take a Shinkansen (bullet train)) → Okayama Station (Take a train) → Kochi station

Total time: around 8 hours
Total fare: around 20,000 yen (one way only)

■From Haneda Airport:

Haneda(Take a train: KEIKYU KUKO LINE)→ Shinagawa (Take a Shinkansen (bullet train)) → Okayama Station (Take a train) → Kochi station

Total time: around 7 hours
Total fare: around 20,000 yen (one way only)

■From Kansai Airport:

Kansai airport (Take a Train) → Kyoto Station (Take a Shinkansen(bullet train)) → Okayama station (Take a train) → Kochi station

Total time: around 6 hours
Total fare: around 15,000 yen (one way only)


Air fare information for all international visitors to Japan:

ANA airline is offering passengers a special discount fare for ANA Japan domestic flights connecting to/from ANA international flights. You can enjoy great savings with ANA Domestic connections. Only for 10,000 - 21,600 Yen  (round trip) and you will be connected to/from all over Japan! For more information, please visit: 

Air fare information for visitors travelling from China only (从中国出发的参会人员请参考一下机票信息):





1. Hotel Nikko Kochi (Headquarter hotel)

  • 〒780-0832 9-15 Kutanda, Kochi-shi, Kochi
  • TEL 81-88-885-5111, FAX 81-88-885-5115
  • Check in 14:00 / Check out 11:00
  • 30 minutes from Kochi Ryoma Airport
  • Provide high-speed internet access

The first-ranking luxury hotel in Shikoku offers great deals on comfortable room accommodations and commands a panoramic view of the central area of Kochi. At the rear of Hotel Nikko Kochi / Asahi Royal, a cruiser is available for sightseeing along Urado Bay. The large banquet hall accommodates a maximum of one thousand people, which is the perfect setting for your next business or social event. Hotel Nikko Kochi / Asahi Royal is the newest executive-class hotel along the waterfront, and our affiliated facilities include Kuroshio Country Club.

2. New Hankyu Kochi

  • 〒780-8561 4-2-50, Honmach, Kochi-shi, Kochi
  • TEL 81-88-873-1111, FAX 81-88-873-1145
  • Check in 13:00 / Check out 11:00
  • 30 minutes from Kochi Ryoma Airport
  • Provide high-speed internet access

Located across from Kochi Castle in the center of Kochi's government office and business district, The Crown Palais New Hankyu Kochioffers 242 guest rooms in an extensive variety of configurations as well as a large banquet hall that can accommodate 1,800. This upscale city resort-style hotel also features a full selection of modern facilities, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants, bars, and a membership-based fitness club.

Provided transportations 

(25th Nov)  For invitees, we provide bus servie to Hotel Nikko Kochi.  The schedule is 

-IDHF bus service Kochi airport to Hotel

15:10 *Changed from 15:35
16:40 *New

For participants, you can take the airport bus from the airport to Kochi downtown where hotels locate. For attendees staying at Hotel Nikko Kochi, please get off the bus at "Saenba bus stop". Bus operates every 30 minutes. The last bus leaves from the airport at 20:30.

(26th Nov) We will provide a bus from hotel (Hotel Nikko Kochi) to KUT, from KUT to banquet place and banquet place to hotel.

(27th, 28th Nov)  For participants leaving on different day and time,  we will hand out a free bus ticket for public airport buses, a map showing the nearest bus stop (SAENBA) from the hotel and a time table, for all the guests at the registration.  The first airport bus leaves at 5:57am.  Between airport and Saenba bus stop is about 40 minutes.  If you miss the bus, you can take a taxi, which costs you around 3500 yen. 


The following links provide tourist information for Kochi:


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact